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  1. Infraction Hearing Online Mitigation / Contested Form

    Douglas County District Court will allow you to submit an emailed written statement to mitigate or contest a ticket. If you proceed... More…

Solid Waste

  1. Adopt-A-Road Application
  2. Adopt-A-Road Registration Form
  3. Douglas County Solid Waste Survey

    How Are We Doing?

  4. Homeless Encampment Report Form
  5. Litter Report From
  1. Adopt-A-Road Participant Roster and Report
  2. Adopt-A-Road Sign Form
  3. Free Disposal Day Ticket Request Form

    If you're a Douglas County resident who owns developed property OUTSIDE city limits, you can request a ticket for a free disposal at... More…

  4. Illegal Dump Form

    Illegal Dump Report Form

  5. Spanish Free Disposal Day Ticket Request Form

Transportation & Land Services

  1. Land Services Questions
  1. Transportation & Stormwater Utility Questions

    This form is for sending questions/comments to the Transportation and Stormwater Utility Departments only.