When are my taxes due?

Taxes become due in full once certified by the Treasurer and may be collected immediately. For your convenience, Washington State law allows you to make two half payments. First half property taxes are due by April 30th. Second half taxes are due by October 31st. If either of these due dates falls on a weekend or a holiday, payments are due the next business day. For more information see the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 1.12.070.

Any tax or assessment under $50 is due in full on April 30th. Prior year delinquent taxes and current year property taxes paid after October 31st must pay the full year’s balance with interest and penalty. Current year taxes may be paid prior to paying any delinquent amounts for a prior year or year(s), per RCW 84.56.060 unless the County has begun foreclosure proceedings on the parcel(s).

If paying on the due date, you may make your payment in person, by mail or through our website. An official U.S. Postal Service postmark determines the payment date for all mailed payments. If first half tax is not paid by due date, total tax becomes delinquent subject to 12% interest. In addition, an 11% penalty will be assessed as follows: 3% for taxes delinquent June 1 and 8% for taxes delinquent December 1. We do not mail delinquent or ’reminder’ statements.

Active Duty Military Personnel

Active duty military personnel may be exempt from payment of interest and penalties on delinquent taxes on their personal residence, if they are participating as part of one of the branches of the military involved in the conflict and assigned to a duty station outside the territorial boundaries of the United States. See RCW 84.56.20(7) for more information.

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