I have received a subpoena. What do I do?

A subpoena is a court document requiring you to be present at the time, place and date stated. Failure to appear will make it impossible for the Prosecuting Attorney’s office to effectively prosecute the case and could result in the Judge finding you in contempt of court. You will be paid the witness fee and mileage set by law. You cannot be reimbursed for lost wages. Your employer must honor the subpoena and allow you to attend court.


Information provided by victims and witnesses aids in the identification and arrest of suspects. Your testimony is important for successful prosecution. Please keep the Victim-Witness Coordinator advised of your current mailing address and telephone contact numbers.

Deputy Prosecutor

Before the trial, you will have a chance to discuss the case and your testimony with the Deputy Prosecutor handling the trial. You may also be contacted by the defense attorney or an investigator working for the defense attorney. The defense attorney and the defense investigator have the right to contact and interview witnesses. You have the right to request that a Deputy Prosecutor and/or a victim advocate attend the defense interview.


If you have questions, please call the office at 745-8535 to speak with the Victim-Witness Coordinator or the Deputy Prosecutor who signed the subpoena.

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