Pearl Hill/Bridgeport Hill/Highland Orchard Rd

Project Data

Project Number:  County Road Project (CRP) 1002
Project Length:  Varies along each road
Construction Start: Fall 2021
Last Updated:  August 5, 2021

For more information on this project please contact Douglas County Transportation at 509-884-7173.

Bid Comparison

Vicinity Map

Vicinity Map

Project Description

The construction of “Pearl Hill/Bridgeport Hill/Highland Orchard Rd”, consisting of removing guardrail, the installation of beam guardrail type 31 – 6 ft. long steel post, beam guardrail type 31 – 8 ft long steel post, beam guardrail type 31 – 11 ft long steel post, beam guardrail type 31 non-flared terminal, beam guardrail post – 6 ft. long wood post, beam guardrail transition section type 22, beam guardrail type 31 to beam guardrail type 1 adaptor, removing and resetting beam guardrail – 6 ft. steel post, removing and resetting beam guardrail – 8 ft. steel post, flexible guide post, project temporary traffic control,” and other work.

Project Status

Construction is complete.  Thank you for your patience during construction.

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