Summer Litter Crew Program

Each year Douglas County Solid Waste hires Litter Crew members (ages 14 - 18) to pickup litter along rural roadways in Douglas County from June through August. Douglas County Solid Waste Litter Crew Program has been at work since the 1990's. The Litter Crew's goal each year is to cleanup litter & illegal dumped material along the roadways & public land. 

Advertising of positions is generally announced in April, here on our webpage, Facebook and school announcements. Check Job Opportunities or call our office at 509-886-0899.

Douglas County Solid Waste, asks motorists to pay attention to "Litter Crew Ahead" signs  and provide an extra margin of safety as they work along the shoulder roads. For more information, please contact Douglas County Solid Waste at 509-886-0899.

Please do your part to protect the natural beauty of Douglas County by helping to stop littering & illegal dumping.

*Note: This program only works within Douglas County and does not handle illegal dump complaints outside county limits or on private property.

Report Illegal Dumping Here

2023 Youth Litter Crew Collected:

857 bags of garbage picked up

177 bags of aluminum cans

11 needles

62 tires

1,250 pounds of scrap metal

4,530 pounds recycled

20,100 pounds of garbage disposed at the landfill

Thank you Summer Youth Litter Crew!

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