Summer Litter Crew Program

If you find litter, please fill out this Litter Report Form so that we can take care of it, thank you!

The Douglas County Solid Waste 2022 Summer Youth Litter Crew take to the roads to pick up trash. 

Motorists, as you get out on the county roads please be advised that the Douglas County Solid Waste Summer Youth Litter Crew Program has begun picking up trash on the county roads. They will continue working through August 18th, Monday through Thursdays, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Douglas County Solid Waste, asks motorists to pay attention to “Litter Crew Ahead” signs and provide an extra margin of safety as they work along the shoulder roads. For more information, please contact Douglas County Solid Waste at 509-886-0899. 

2022 Summer Youth Litter Crew Collected:

Group 1:

247 bags of garbage

69 bags of aluminum cans

7 needles

10 tires

153 pounds of scrap metal

3,952 pounds of garbage disposed at the landfill

Thank you group 1!

Group 2 has now taken the streets!

2022 Summer Youth Litter Crew 

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Summer Youth Litter Crew Handbook