Long Range (Comprehensive) Planning

Comprehensive Planning

Long range, comprehensive planning functions support the responsibility of Douglas County to prepare, adopt and implement the Douglas County Comprehensive Plan. The Long Range Planning Section of Land Services studies the ways that land use affects the community. Long Range Planning evaluates the economic, demographic, scientific, and cultural aspects of the built environment. This includes:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Conducting citizen participation and education programs
  • Drafting plan recommendations
  • Preparing implementation codes
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of plans

The Long Range Planning Section is responsible for providing the public with options that allow communities and their citizens to achieve the goals that are set forth in a comprehensive plan. We help the community create a vision, we generate a plan to reach that vision and build tools that will help implement the plan.

These tasks are accomplished by providing the best available advice and information to citizen committees, the Douglas County Planning Commission, and the Board of Commissioners.

According to Douglas County Code 14.32.040(a)(1):

Site-Specific Map Amendments. Site-specific plan map amendments apply to a limited geographical area controlled either by an individual property owner or all property owners within the designated area. Site-specific plan map changes may be initiated by the property owner(s) through a fee-paid application process. Applications must be received at the Douglas County Transportation and Land Services office no later than five o’clock p.m. on the second Monday of May. Any applications received after the second Monday of May will be processed the following year

Planning Documents