Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a digital information system that allows users to create, manipulate, analyze, and display spatial or geographic data, along with their associated attribute data table(s). GIS is used to evaluate real-world issues; it is used to assess density, quantity, proximity, and feature intersection patterns to answer questions about locations and changes over time. An operator with GIS can quickly and with less error, perform complex analyses many times faster than a person could do manually. This ability to rapidly query and analyze the GIS data speeds customer service and supports decision making with fast data retrieval and analysis.


GIS is a superb visual tool; it can also be used to create an unlimited assortment of hardcopy maps. A major advantage of GIS maps is that they can be created to view only specified information, centered upon any location and at any scale. The large benefit of GIS is that it provides a means to mix an extensive array of information gathered from an assortment of sources. Paper maps can be scanned or digitized and converted into the GIS. Aerial imagery (either aerial photos or satellite imagery) may be used to provide additional visual information that can be added to the GIS. Data from other sources, and in different formats, can also greatly augment the information presented within a GIS.


Douglas County's GIS Department is a division under Transportation and Land Services. The GIS Department creates and maintains digital geographic data for the support of Douglas County departments and customers. We are committed to offering quality GIS services, such as geographic data development, spatial data analysis, and map creation services. All of the County's published GIS data is in NAD 1983 State Plane Washington North Zone FIPS 4601 feet.

Data & Services

Douglas County's GIS Department offers a variety of services in addition to managing the County's geographic information:

Search Surveys, Plats, & Maps

In addition, you can look up any recorded Surveys, Short Plats, or Plats. You can also search for Parcels and Assessor Maps.


Douglas County's geographic data and maps are intended for general purposes only. We make no claim as to the accuracy or current condition of the data shown on Douglas County's geographic data and/or maps.