Elections Maps

Elections Interactive Web Map

The Elections Interactive Web Map has geographic layers and information on Douglas County’s ballot drop box locations, building addresses, roads, water features, tax parcels, cities & towns, voting precincts, townships & sections, special election districts, and aerial photos.

Use the Search tool to find information for any of the following: 

  • building addresses,
  • road names,
  • voting precincts,
  • Election ballot drop-off locations.

Other tools and features include: 

  • easily zoom and pan around the interactive map,
  • bookmarks of ballot drop box locations (in progress),
  • a tool for drawing on the map,
  • selecting features to create and download new information,
  • a measurement tool,
  • layer list to turn layers on and off,
  • legend of active layers,
  • printing to a PDF.

Need some help with searching the Elections Interactive Web Map? Call Amanda Taub at (509) 884-7173 or email Amanda.

Redistricting in 2021 - 2022

In 2021 and 2022, Douglas County Elections with the assistance of the GIS and Survey Division in the Transportation and Land Services Department embarked on a project to reapportion or redistrict the County’s Voting Precincts and boundaries for Board of Commissioner Districts to integrate changes from the latest US Census population numbers for Douglas County and the adoption of Washington State’s new Congressional and Legislative Districts.

These large color PDF maps show the results of this project. The maps under the Old State Congressional & Legislative Districts demonstrate the boundaries for Congressional Districts #4 and #8, Legislative District #12, and voting precincts in Douglas County as they were when the project started. The New State Congressional & Legislative Districts maps display the changes between and the new boundaries for Congressional Districts #4 and #8, Legislative Districts #7 and #12, as well as, the new Voting Precincts. 

Old State Congressional & Legislative Districts

New State Congressional & Legislative Districts

Elections PDF Maps

These large color PDF maps display the boundaries of Douglas County’s Commissioner Districts, Voting Precincts, and Washington State Congressional and Legislative Districts and are for sale for $15 each at the Transportation & Land Services Department in the Public Services Building at 140 19th St NW, Ste #A in East Wenatchee. Please call Amanda Taub at (509) 884-7173 or email Amanda to check availability.

These maps are updated as time and priorities allow. For timely information, check out Douglas County's Elections Interactive Web Map!

Commissioner Districts & Voting Precincts

Congressional & Legislative Districts Maps

Election Ballot Drop Box Locations

Need to know where to drop off your election ballot? These PDF maps of the ballot drop box locations can be printed on a standard 8.5 x 11-inch letter page or downloaded to your device.

Election Ballot Drop Box Maps


Douglas County's GIS data and maps are intended for general information only. Douglas County makes no statement regarding the completeness or accuracy of the County’s GIS data and maps, including tax parcel boundaries & numbers, the location & classification of roads and road rights-of-way, political boundaries, et. al. Mapped roads and road rights-of-way may not be improved or open to public use. Please consult multiple accurate sources of information to prevent the risk of trespass.

Douglas County and its employees cannot issue opinions regarding the condition of title, legal description, physical condition, and location of any private properties or private roads. In order to verify the completeness and accuracy of the information, then official records for plats and surveys should be examined, the property physically inspected, and a professional opinion obtained.