Vehicle Impounds

RCW 46.55 provides in part as follows:

  1. Any person seeking to redeem an impounded vehicle under this section has a right to a hearing in the District Court for the jurisdiction in which the vehicle was impounded to contest the validity of the impoundment or the amount of towing and storage charges.
  2. At the hearing, the person or persons requesting the hearing may produce any relevant evidence to show that the impoundment, towing or storage fees charged were not proper.
  3. At the conclusion of the hearing, the District Court shall determine whether the impoundment, towing or storage fees charged were proper.
  4. If the impoundment is found proper, the impoundment, towing and storage fees as permitted under this chapter together with court costs and the expenses of the hearing shall be assessed against the person or persons requesting the hearing.
  5. If the impoundment is determined to be invalid, then the registered and legal owner of the vehicle shall bear no impoundment, towing, or storage costs, and any bond or other security shall be returned or discharged as appropriate.


The foregoing is merely a portion of the statute that relates to the hearing process. A copy of the statute is available in its entirety in the Douglas County Law Library and Online.

Filing Fee

A filing fee of $83 is required to file this action and $10 for any ex parte orders filed. In addition to the towing and storage charges, in the event, that the impound is found to be proper and the charges reasonable, you may be liable for costs, and the witness fees of $15 plus mileage for each witness. These are the Court costs and expenses of the hearing as provided.

To the Party Authorizing the Impound

RCW 46.55.120 provides in part as follows: Failure to appear at the hearing may result in a judgment against you for impound, towing, and storage fees, along with a minimum of $50 per day for loss of use of the vehicle.