County Administrator

The County Administrator is an appointed position reporting to and directed by the Board of County Commissioners. The County Administrator ensures a consistent and predictable level of performance and is responsible for the overall financial and budget preparation and reporting within departments. 

  • Manage the County’s day-to-day general operations. 
  • Oversee and provide direct support to non-elected department including Human Resources, Maintenance, Records / Risk Management, MIS IT Technology, NCW Fair, Countywide Solid Waste, Transportation and non-elected facilities Land Services, and Veteran Services.
  • Coordinate and liaison between the Board and all county departments and elected officials.
  • Liaison to the Countywide Solid Waste Program for which Douglas County acts as lead agency.
  • Work cooperatively with all County departments, elected officials, and the State Auditor for budget development.
  • Assist the Board by working closely with the County Prosecuting attorney’s office and outside legal counsel in litigation of personnel matters, breach of contracts, and professional service agreements.
  • Liaison relating to personnel functions / hiring practices.
  • Act as chief negotiator for affiliated unions with regard to wages, benefits, and contract language. 
  • Generally, acts as Owner Representative in Construction / Remodel Projects.
  • Provide fiscal and budgetary services.
  • Develops / Interprets emerging legislature and policies.
  • Create reports and make recommendations to the Board.