Irrigation District Information

Douglas County Treasurer is contracted by the five irrigation districts within the county to bill and collect each district’s irrigation assessments. The Treasurer’s office does not establish the irrigation roll for your district. Please contact your district if you have questions regarding issues with the irrigation system, water turn-on/shut-off dates, selling or obtaining water rights, or if you believe you have been assessed inaccurately or erroneously.

Wenatchee Reclamation District
514 Easy Street
Wenatchee, WA  98802

Phone: (509) 663-0002
Fax: (509) 665-0341 

Half payments due April 30 & October 31

Rick Smith, Secretary Manager

Board Information Not Provided

Board Meeting Dates Not Provided

Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District
3300 8th St. SE
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Phone: (509) 884-4042
Fax: (509) 884-8763

Full payment due April 30
*Payment must be made prior to water delivery*

Mike Miller, Secretary Manager

Board Members:

Mike Brownfield
Mike Clayton
John Lawrence
Doug Bromiley
Bob Koenig

Board Meets 1st Tuesday of each Month

Bridgeport Irrigation District
P.O. Box 624   (Mailing only – no office)
Bridgeport, WA 98813-0624

Phone: (509) 686-9051   (Alice VanZwoll)

Full payment due April 30

Alice VanZwoll, Secretary

Board Members:

Ralph Socci
Dan O’Connell
Third Position: VACANT

Board Meets Quarterly (call for more info)

Bridgeport Bar Irrigation District
P.O. Box 271  (Mailing only – no office)
Brewster, WA 98812-0271

Phone: (509) 860-2397   (Tracy Squires)

Half payments due April 30 & October 31

Tracy Squires, Secretary

Board Members:

Lee Squires
Bill Walker
Jon Perkins

Board Meets 1st Monday of each Month, 6:00 pm

Palisades Irrigation District
39 Wagon Rd.    (Mailing only – no office)
Palisades, WA 98845

Phone: (509) 886-0710   (Sarah Hale)

Half payments due April 30 & October 31

Sarah Hale, Secretary

Board Members:

Laura Hood
John Meadows
Mark Riggs
Ken Gordon
Carlos Torres

Board Meets Quarterly (call for more info)