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Douglas County Auditor’s office has implemented a restricted access policy. Starting March 30, 2020, will conduct all business by mail, online, or by telephone. 

Please consider e-Recording as an alternative solution to mailing or bringing your documents into the office.  Currently we have two vendors that can help you with your e-recording needs. 


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Phone: 800-460-5657


Documents recorded by the auditor include, but are not limited to, deeds, real estate contracts, liens and other written instruments which are required by law to be filed in the county. The records become public upon filing and are indexed accordingly. The exact time of filing is recorded with a time stamp so that if several instruments are filed on the same day, it is easy to determine priority of a document when referring back to it. Many requests are handled by the auditor for copies of various instruments. These requests are handled expeditiously with the use of photo equipment. A small fee is charged for search of records and copies of documents and, when certified by the auditor, these documents are admissible in courts of law.