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  • Proclamation of Pre-existing Home Sales Agreements

    On April 8, 2020 the Douglas County Board of Commissioners passed Resolution CE No. 20-26B & TLS 20-22B, Proclamation of Pre-existing Home Sales Agreements Proceed During the COVID-19 Stay Home Stay Healthy Governor Proclamation. 

    This proclamation allows pre-existing home sales that also have building permits in place to proceed to build completion as an essential activity under the Governor of the State of Washington’s guidance, subject to restrictions.  Both the purchase and sale agreement and the building permit must have issue dates on or before March 27, 2020.

    More Information . . . Last Updated on April 09, 2020
About Land Services

The primary responsibilities of the Land Services division of the Department of Transportation and Land Services are construction permitting and inspection, land use permitting and advanced planning. In order to fulfill these responsibilities and to enhance the general health, safety and welfare of our constituents we are guided by the following principles:

  • Our primary obligation is to serve the public interest.
  • We operate in a fair, legal and ethical manner.
  • We strive to give citizens clear and accurate information.
  • We facilitate articulation by our community of a vision that respects the needs of all citizens.
  • We strive to protect the integrity of the natural environment and the heritage of the built environment.
  • We provide professional leadership.
  • We are a valuable and diverse workforce that is an integral part of the foundation of excellence in Douglas County.

The Land Services division is responsible for the local implementation of a myriad of state and federal mandates affecting lands in unincorporated Douglas County. The division provides professional support to the Douglas County Regional Planning Commission and the Douglas County Hearing Examiner. Land Services also undertakes special projects assigned by the Board of Commissioners.